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Putting on your own workshop

If your local Drupal group wants to put on its own Drupal Clinic or similar Drupal workshop, the resources on this site should help, and they are all in the public domain. The best place to start is probably on the sub-site for the most recent past workshop, where you'll find a step-by-step detailed curriculum, planning resources, and a Lessons Learned page. Look for an upcoming workshop page to find curriculum updates (though not Lessons Learned).

If your group would like to have a workshop but you do not have a person (or people) in your local group who would be good instructors, please contact Jennifer Hodgdon of Poplar ProductivityWare, who built this site, chaired the planning for the 2009 and 2010 Seattle and 2011 Spokane workshops, and led the workshops. She could probably be convinced to come to your location and lead a day-long class, especially if provided with travel expenses, lodging (which could be informal), and some other incentive (a small stipend, a code/doc sprint the next day, a location she wants to visit, etc.). She might even be able to lead a workshop in Spanish.

Jennifer also provides Drupal training for companies, at her normal consulting rate. (Companies outside of the greater Spokane WA area would also need to cover travel and lodging expenses.)