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Notes and Resources - 2009


John Walling's list of resources for Drupal beginners (highly recommended, comprehensive):

See also: attachments below.

Notes about Class/Site

Drupal version: 6.13

List of contributed modules and themes used in class (all of these are modules except as noted):

List of other contributed modules and themes available on student sites for individual projects (these are all modules except as noted):

Student site set-up - if you want to teach a similar class

  1. Create a new domain for the class, and install Drupal there.
  2. Make a subdomain for each student, and make the subdomain's document root the same as your domain's main document root.
  3. Make a database for each student, and note the user name and password -- or use a shared database user name and password for the entire class and assign this database user name to each student.
  4. Make a sites folder for each student subdomain.
  5. Make sure the sites subfolder and the settings.php file within it are writable by the web server.

See for more information on using Drupal in multi-site mode.